New Work

This series explores confluences of bodies of water in California that no longer exist due to human impact such as dams and diversions. Each missing confluence is paired with a species that is either extinct or endangered as a result.

I am working on completing the series and I will post images of the work as it is completed. In the meantime, you may follow my work in progress by clicking on the links below.

Click on an image below to see a larger version and learn more about each missing confluence.
San Joaquin & Merced Rivers Owens River & Owens Lake Kings River & Tulare Lake

Artist Statement for Series

The inspiration for this series came from Confluence, the theme for the 2011 Surface Design Association Conference where I was invited to exhibit my existing artwork. The meaning of confluences captured my imagination and I began my research. I learned from conversations with stream biologists that confluences of rivers are regions rich in biodiversity; the mixing of sediments, nutrients and aquatic life carried from different regions and the turbulence of the mixing waters creates highly heterogeneous habitats. My travels around California have taken me to many rivers that have dried up and disappeared due to dams and diversions and this new inspiration led me to learn more about the specific consequences of our actions. Each artwork in this series features a single confluence and the impact on one species. There are many other confluences and species impacted than are portrayed by my artwork.

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