Severely Burned
Copyright ©2016 Linda Gass. Photograph by Keay Edwards
Title: Ghost of Wetlands Past
Dimensions: 35" w x 35" h
Artist Statement: This installation documents the loss of wetlands around San Francisco Bay next to wetlands that have survived. The artwork focuses on the Palo Alto Baylands. Multiple layers of fused glass show filled & developed former wetlands (copper inclusions & sandblasting) next to existing wetlands (frit painting). My designs are based on present day aerial photographs and historical United States Coast Survey (USCS) coastline maps from 1850-60.
Materials and Techniques:Fused Bullseye glass (clear ttekta, colored frits and powders), copper.
Detail: Click here for a detail image.
Status: Available for sale.
Copyright ©2000-2016 Linda Gass