Ancient Lake Lahontan

These works were done during a group land art trip in 2001 - we visited ancient Lake Lahontan, a vast system of interconnected lakes that filled the central Great Basin of Nevada during the last ice age. I have a second body of work that was done during another group land art trip in 2000, when we retraced the ancient waterway that flowed from Mono Lake to Death Valley during the last ice age.(click here to view those). All works were done on site; they were temporary installations documented by photography.

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In this series my land art works were based on the metaphor of stitching. I used long strips of fabric to represent thread in the landscape. Each piece stitches together the present landscape with the ancient landscape by putting threads into the existing landscape. The concept was to embroider a narrative of the place and so each piece uses a different kind of embroidery stitch.


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