From Mono Lake to Death Valley

These works were done during a group land art trip in 2000 - we retraced the ancient waterway that flowed from Mono Lake to Death Valley during the last ice age. I have a second body of work that was done during another group land art trip in 2001, when we visited ancient Lake Lahontan, a vast system of interconnected lakes that filled the central Great Basin of Nevada during the last ice age (click here to view those). All works were done on site; they were temporary installations documented by photography.

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My land art works involved re-creating water features where there is no longer water. I chose to work in fabric because it lends itself naturally to looking like water. I used nylon tulle dyed royal blue, purple, turquoise, seafoam green and white, The tulle is a sheer fine mesh which has the property of being translucent in a single layer and shows the color it's dyed when it's in multiple layers (such as when it is bunched together)


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