Image of "In Transition"
Copyright ©2007 Linda Gass. Photograph by Don Tuttle
Title: Fields of Salt
Dimensions: 29.5" w x 29.5" h
Purchase information: This artwork has been sold however it's featured in a pack of greeting cards available in my online store.
Artist Statement: Although the landscape in this artwork may look like farm fields, it is actually salt ponds used for industrial salt production. These ponds used to be essential wetlands of San Francisco Bay. The ponds in the foreground will someday be restored to wetlands as part of the 2002 wetlands protection effort whereas the ponds in the upper third will continue to be mined for salt production. I like to think of this view as a snapshot in time that I hope we will never return to. If all goes well in the coming years, much of this landscape will be radically transformed into to its original state and we’ll return to having a healthier bay.
Materials and Techniques: Silk crepe de chine hand painted using remezol dyes and water based resist. Silk broadcloth backing and polyester batting; machine quilted with rayon and polyester embroidery thread.
Detail: Click here for a detail image of the quilt
Exhibition History: May 18 - July 1, 2007 in Mapping the Territory at the Crafts Alliance, St. Louis, MO.
Additional Info: This artwork appears on the cover of the Bay Area Chinook Book 2012 and April 2010 issue of Art Calendar and on page 271 in the book, 500 Art Quilts. This artwork also appears as the month of May image for the 2009 Environmental Art Calendar. To order the calendar, click here. It is also on the cover and inside the catalog for Mapping the Territory. To order catalog click here. It appeared as a full page image in the Feb 2009 issue of AmericanStyle
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