New Work

This series explores land use policies around San Francisco Bay, inspired in part by a talk I went to many years ago by the poet Gary Snyder. He gave the audience a quiz called “How Local Are you?” He asked: “do you know where your water comes from?” “do you know where it goes when you are done with it?“ “do you know where your garbage goes?” and the list went on.

Although I consider myself environmentally aware, I was embarrassed to realize that I didn’t actually know the answers to many of his questions. I wasn't able to find the answers at the time but many years later, as part of a Green Ribbon Citizens Committee I finally found the answers.

When I looked at where my sewage goes, where my garbage goes, and where my gasoline gets refined, I noticed that all three facilities are located right on the edge of the bay. And that got me asking more questions and from there the artwork emerged.

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