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The Water Series addresses water issues in California. Much of California is a desert by nature; the majority of the state receives little or no rain for 6 months out of each year. This condition makes it difficult to develop agriculture or sustain a large population without human intervention. During the 20th century huge scale human interventions took place to transport water from other states via aqueducts, build dams and reservoirs and pump ground water. These projects are awesome in their magnitude and have an eerie beauty as feats of engineering yet they have also destroyed the natural landscape. We rely on this water everyday to live yet we have created an infrastructure that is not sustainable in the long term. My art invites the viewer to ponder these contradictions in beauty and our long term strategies for sustainable development. These works combine a variety of different media: my original photographs, hand painted silks and papers, handmade papers, metallic pigments and found objects. The base material of each piece is silk habotai and then I apply layers of handmade paper and fabric using water based polyurethane as the "glue" to bind it together. The resulting pieces appear to be transparent and delicate, yet in reality are quite strong and durable. I incorporate my original photographs by digitally printing them on silk. I cut the photographs into smaller pieces and arrange them to create an active engagement between the viewer and the work. Using the same principle as pixels on a display screen, the eye and brain are stimulated to recreate a meaningful image.
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